The Artist

Pavel Mitkov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1977. He took up painting in 1994 while still at high school. Later, he earned a degree in Landscape Design. Mitkov quickly made progress in the world of art. For just a few years he became one of Bulgaria’s best selling painters and in 2007, a Deutsche Welle documentary even pitched him as one of Europe’s most successful artists whose art has a universal appeal.

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Detailed Biography

Pavel Mitkov was born on 17.08.1977 to a family of young engineers. Back then, life in socialist Bulgaria was set and uniform – everybody had work; education and healthcare were free of charge; people went on vacation once a year to whatever destination they were sent to from work. Those are the artist’s earliest childhood recollections of a seemingly smooth and secure life, which, however, was lacking many other opportunities for creative outlet and recognition.

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What periods is Pavel Mitkov’s art categorised in?

- First period, before 2000 - Awareness

- Second period, 2000-2012 - Insight

- Third period, post 2012 - Enrichment

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2014 - Monaco, Art Monaco 2014

2014 - Luxembourg, Russian Charity Ball, Vernissage of the exhibition

2013 - Austria Innsbruck - ART Innsbruck 2013

2012 - Russia, Vladivostok - Exhibition "Europe - La Manche to Vladivostok"

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