A walk in Golden Prague
Dec. 24, 2019

A walk in Golden Prague. Or man’s search of meaning with pencils in his hand.

Prague, the lobby of Hotel Intercontinental - a favorite place of mine that I visit every time I find myself in the Czech capital. In recent years, the city is constantly jammed with tourists and its charm is lost in the zombie crowd taking selfies.
It doesn't seem to matter where you actually are, it's important to take a photo and later try to remember what the place felt like while browsing through the endless selfies. Today I want to shoot, but somehow different, more meaningful ...innovative.
Sitting at the hotel lobby, staring at the shiny Rolls Royce, I catch myself thinking how I would paint a Revival house on the car’s hood.
I remember that I have a blank canvas in the car.
To my delight, there was something more affordable in the hotel than the Rolls Royce - a shop of the famous Czech company Koh-i-Noor with over 220 years of history in the innovations of pencils, pastels and stationery products. What's better than this. Bought a set of watercolor pencils and oil paints “Prague”, took the canvas from my car and started walking with this flow of inspiration to the blue monkey statue. This was the beginning of my one-hour walk through the streets of Prague – listening to the city’s music, sketching with colored pencils and most of all, I doing something in a different, meaningful for me way.
I have always said that a picture is a symbiosis of materials and emotions. Here I had everything I needed. Instead of aimlessly going into the zombie crowd, I made my Prague walk meaningful, giving birth to a different painting that absorbed the spirit of Prague, the Koh-i-Noor materials and my emotions.
In the evening with some water and the paints “Prague”, I finished my artwork – Prague.