Pavel Mitkov
July 10, 2020

Art and medicine

I often ask myself this question observing how the Corona Virus changes the world. We ran a very successful "Draw Against the Virus" campaign that opened the door to a new dimension in my ideas about the effects of art on human health, mood, and lifestyle. Many, including the doctors themselves, have become stressed and unclear. And as long as the world is looking for cure, such as a vaccine or a miracle drug, no one has thought that the joy in art and the security that it brings along is sometimes mathematically greater than anything else. I will explain why.

We human beings are predisposed to seek security. Security in our work, in family terms, in our income, in our health. The various state systems, through laws and regulations, ensure that these processes are carried out in a certain way that the governments approve, and we choose the governments. This means that the safer we are and in harmony with ourselves, the safer and more acceptable the laws, from there the order and thus the reality. In a word, our inner state determines the situation in which we live. But what have we been observing recently? Lack of clarity, lack of solutions and lack of union.

The world is beginning to resemble a schizophrenia patient who lacks the basic order of thought and action. This is because we have entered a vicious circle in which we want to increase the unknowns in order to find solutions. Something that is mathematically crazy in itself. Therefore, I would like to give you my recipe for the situation)

Here we come to the topic of the common denominator between art and medicine, rather said, how art can give the exact recipe for a positive result of this crisis situation in which the world is not for the first time in? It is important in this situation that we find stable stones that we can stand on and that we transform into a stable foundation for our future actions. It is also normal for us to ask ourselves, which are these cornerstones, which are the CONSTANTS that surround us? We should look for them and our peace! In them we can find our balance and build a healthy and stable psyche that we need so much so as not to get caught in the spiral of fear and schizophrenia.

And while the food spoils and changes in the fridge, it is better to pay attention to the old picture on the wall! This is what it looked like when you looked at it as a child, that's how it stayed. A captured moment that always triggers the same mood, hides the same atmosphere.

Painting is a static art, a timeless moment, a code of eternity. Exactly such a CONSTANT is what we currently need to solve this simple, but by us constantly complicated designed task. And it all depends on our focus to focus on the CONSTANTS to ensure a clearer horizon of possibilities. Globally, however, the processes are different ( Everyone looks at the fridge and their small savings and this is the beginning of their end. We are waiting for someone from outside to do it for us, to sort our thoughts, but to rage outside unfortunately only the resonant echo of the fears and ambiguities of our past.

It now depends on us whether we let these fears grow, whether we will multiply these ambiguities, or we treat ourselves to our favorite picture, in which everything is fine and it will be the same tomorrow.
Don't forget the FOCUS friends, don't forget art, because it's the best solution for the moment!

Pavel Mitkov