Artworks by Pavel Mitkov in Art Salon Salzburg
May 06, 2015

Artworks by Pavel Mitkov in Art Salon Salzburg

Kunstsalon Salzburg - a unique concept that enchants a cultural city.

On Wednesday, April 29, the two Galerists Alexandra Schafer and Ljubisa Trajceski opened the 1st Salzburg Art Salon in a stunning location, the old factory located - north of Salzburg.

Around 200 selected works of art were exhibited, in a unique location, with twelve present artists from all over Europe, culinary and tasting wines by selected wineries, were part of the 1st Salzburg art salons and proved once more that the art market has much more to offer, as only the standard art experience a normal exhibition provides. The gallery team welcomed this evening more than 450 invited guests at the gallery.

A harmonious interplay of art, design and music focusing on the famous concept “Salon de Paris”. Charming hostesses welcomed our guests with a welcome drink and already on the first meters you were attuned with the great works of art by artists Peschke and Classen as well as individually created vases from HDS design - which was a great start to walk through our Kunst.Salon.Salzburg. Starting at the Kunsthalle with tall fine art photography by the artist Johannes Weinsheimer, moving on to Pop Art by Luc Waring, to stainless steel sculptures by Ludwig Haas, portraits of various Chinese factories from Jixin Wang, paintings by Catherine Thruner as well as collages by Patrick Garner and scribble on glass by Wolfgang Müller.


In our art Lounge you could admire mesmerizing work of art from the artists such as Petra Mitterer, Carolina Said Berg, Una St. Tropez, Tadeusz Machowski, Justyna Gadek, Julie de Waroquier, Bianca Kisko and Allan Banford. A variety of different artistic techiques, different interior design ideas which was incorporated into an overall concept, which inspires the viewer.

Over steel stairs you reach the two open levels, showing more art niches. Here you could discover Fine Art photography by Gabriele Rothweiler and Pierrot Men, Abstract Art by Michelle Hold and Inge Frank as well as art on silk from Eva Leopoldi and Nu Plexi Art from Josef Gappmair. Interesting insights could also be obtained in our art arcade. Within this arcade following artists were showcased such as Bruno Barberyol, Andrea Stajan Ferkul, Roland Rudolf, Pavel Mitkov and Ana Cvjic with their unique and inspiring works of art. Even our office system partner Neudoerfler allowed us to use their breathtaking space. This allowed us to showcase our art within various office design concepts. The concepts include works of art by Tassia Bianchini, Day-z, Hosni Osman, Philippe Halaburda and Sabine Steinberger.


The classic art lovers, there are now very rarely - the “new” art connoisseurs usually expect an extended program this days. Our gallery accepted this new challange and developed an original concept, which presents not only outstanding art, but together with the partners from the HDW presents various trends and design ideas. So the Salzburg Art Salon has been distributed to the full levels of the factory to provide not only more than 200 works of art to discover, but also unique sculptures fitting into the overall concept as well as showcase various exclusive interior design trends or the ornate flower bouquets.

Many visitors could get involved in a new experience of art in Salzburg. You could easily let your soul enjoy a perfectly planned evening. Both the artists who were present as well as Alexandra Schafer and Ljubisa Trajceski agreed that the 1st Kunstsalon Salzburg was a success and more unique art concept will follow soon.