Nov. 15, 2019

As a symbol, the rooster finds a central place in the work of the art innovator Pavel Mitkov

As a symbol, the rooster finds a central place in the work of the art innovator Pavel Mitkov.

“The rooster carries the alchemist code” - says the creator. His song chases the darkness and heralds the new day, of the living energy and of the male power. If you hear rooster’s voice, this is a harbinger of the sunrise.

Another, powerful symbol are the two roosters – competitiveness and rivalry, partnership and friendship, the eternal struggle for supremacy that drives the world and pushes the individual towards progress.

This character in Mitkov’s creative work is depicted in various subjects and emotional states. The artist himself grows two roosters as pets - Vladimir and Donald, often seen to draw with them.

The large canvas “Red Roosters” 250/150 resembles Michelangelo’s non-touching fingers in the Sistine Chapel.

A reseal (in the middle of the painting) hides a reference to Red Bulls through a built in energy drink cap that contains two red bulls in similar position.

These are innovations in art the artist likes to use - to combine different materials and techniques, and create a new product through them that will be unique and brings new messages.

In this innovative artwork oil-based plasticizer paint is used to create a texture similar to true feathers, also gold, silver and textiles complement the finished look of the work.

You will find the Roosters in Mitkov’s art in various sceneс - sport activities like polo and football, Daddy Rooster and Rooster Enthusiastic construction worker.

The paintings in this collection find their place in the contemporary interior with ease. They bring in the rooms energy, ease and positivity.

Trademark of the Bulgarian art innovator Pavel Mitkov, this wonderful hero will continue to live in different artworks.

“The rooster carries alchemical code and huge force. If we manage to channel his energy, our lives will be fulfilled with light and hope for better tomorrow. I remember when the Golden Rooster was found whole after the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral, it was good news! People felt and interpreted it as good sign - if the rooster was whole and uncrippled, the whole cathedral will resurrect and the symbol of the nation, would remain whole.”

Vive le Rooster...!