Blue Gallery presents Exhibition by Pavel Mitkov
Aug. 13, 2015

Blue Gallery presents Exhibition by Pavel Mitkov

POWER - Exclusive Edition of Artworks
Pavel Mitkov’s brush strokes are always lush, intense, as though vibrating with the weight of paint and creative conceptions. He takes his ideas and impressions from beautiful nature and human personalities and draws inspiration to render the great power of the sea. In seascapes, Pavel Mitkov has built a style of his own – tender at times, harsh at others and at the same time thorough and complete in a spontaneous feeling brought about in contemplation of the sea through a fine colour tint gradient.

A man who knows love, joy, sadness and who can whole-heartedly perceive nature’s beauty cannot remain untouched and indifferent. For art is the magic that provides a break-away from the routine and food for our souls in an amazing way.

Roses - these magnificent flowers from an enchanting world have naturally made a theme for Pavel Mitkov’s work. He paints them fragile, yet bursting with all shades of colours, beauty and harmony.

People speak but roses get the message across. Their language is an unmatched romantic way for people to express their most cherished thoughts and emotions without words. Pavel Mitkov’s roses touch you with unsophisticated charm and beauty, bringing a feeling of love and positive attitude to the world around us.