Children painted with the artist Pavel Mitkov
June 01, 2020

Children painted with the artist Pavel Mitkov

For Children’s Day young artists gave free rein to their imagination and turned their fantasies into real art in Mitkov’s Gallery. Bulgarian artist Pavel Mitkov organized a special event - "Children's Masterclass" for the youngest artists on the occasion of June 1 (Children’s Day).
"The event was aimed at provoking children to show their talent, emotions and enter an interesting experience outside of computers and phones. I am happy that they all drawed extremely good paintings and expressed a desire to continue working in art, "said artist Pavel Mitkov.
The children got acquainted with the basic elements of oil painting, when and how to use different tools such as brushes and spatulas, how to mix colors and create spectacular shapes with brush movements. Pavel Mitkov showed innovations in art, and young talents had the opportunity to experiment. Each of them painted his own picture. Flowers, birds, sunflowers and pink flamingos are just some of the plots that filled the canvases of the young artists. The lesson passed with a lot of fun and many questions from the young talents. "Children's Masterclass" aims to stimulate children to express themselves through drawing.
The kids took the paintings with them to bring the happy mood at home.
The event was attended by 12 children aged between 6 and 14 in the Mitkov’s Gallery and in the new studio of the artist, which today opened its doors for the first time on 10 Lege Street in Sofia city. The Studio is created for drawing classes. Pavel Mitkov will teach children and adults in innovations in art.