Drawing sets and video lessons

Drawing set

700 BGN
System 5 is a video drawing course including instructions on how to draw 5 impressive oil paintings and a set of all materials needed.
The process is very easy and understandable: 5 tools and three movements create paintings like the shown below.
"It took me 25 years of experimentation and thousands of paintings to get to this system. It is the shortest way to efficiency and effectiveness in painting!”
You do not need to have the skills and experience, with System 5 you will find the artist in you and create a pleasant experience for yourself and your loved ones!
With System 5 you will receive video tutorials in 4K resolution, so you can watch them on the big screen. There are also separate videos for training the movements themselves with the various instruments.
The System 5 drawing set includes:
•    video tutorials on а flash drive;
•    suitcase with a full set of paints;
•    set of brushes;
•    set of spatulas;
•    a painting tripod;
•    5 canvases - 60 х 50 cm;
•    a palette and turpentine;
•    a book with written instructions;
Create your own 5 masterpieces with System 5!
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