Europe – bridge to mutual understanding between nations: Opening of the exhibition
Apr. 18, 2015

Europe – bridge to mutual understanding between nations: Opening of the exhibition

A journey down Slavonic culture

18 April, Aidlingen, Germany. Bulgarian artist Pavel Mitkov’s exhibition titled Europe – Bridge to Mutual Understanding Between Nations opening event was held at the Schloss Deufringen Knights’ Hall in Aidlingen on Saturday, 18 April. On the following day, Pavel Mitkov’s paintings were put on display in the Aidlingen Town Hall, where residents and visitors to the town have a chance to see the wonderful landscapes until 25 May. The exhibition has been co-organised by the German-Russian Baden-Wurttemberg Association (Deutsch-Russische Verein Baden-Württemberg e. V.) and under the auspices of Aidlingen Mayor’s office.

Deutsch-Russische Verein Baden-Württemberg e. V., established in late 2013 in Aidlingen, Germany, aims at becoming a hub for promoting Slavonic culture and traditions among German youth and boosting their interest in studying Slavonic languages and, in particular, Russian. The association’s main activities strenghten our conviction that culture is the thread connecting nations and making them open up to each other, and will help achieve mutual understanding, unity and peace between nations.

“The magic of art is in movement. Each movement is unique in its own way and leads to the creation of beauty and emotions. Art is in itself a primal emotion – one does not need to mull it over, one just needs to create it,” says Pavel Mitkov, whose talent and rare creativity sweep make him Bulgaria’s most popular contemporary artist not only in his home country but also abroad. His works are in high demand among people of different generations and in different countries.

Pavel Mitkov’s each painting strikes with realism and a high aesthetical value. His works’ main themes include old houses, Bulgarian Black Sea coast, city landscapes, flowers and abstraction.

The artist draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and streets, the charm of old buildings, bridges, fountains and churches – omnipresent beauty that often goes unnoticed.

Pavel Mitkov has been the most successful and collectible painter by the European community of art afficionados in the recent years. Born on 17 August 1977 in Sofia, Bulgaria, he created his first painting at the age of 6. Later on, while a student, he put on his first exhibitions, which drew great interest and went over big. Having found his true calling – to create art – he gave up his university education to focus on painting. Staying true to art ever since, he has held a number of exhibitions in Russia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy and so on. In the last few years, he has garnered prestigious awards for his contribution to art: the Franz Kafka Medal, Lomonosov Order and the World Prize of Salvador Dali for Fine Arts among others.

Artworks of his have entered the private collections of Pope John Paul II, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton and many others.
His philosophy stems from the understanding that his “art here is for all people alike”. The artist’s most cherished wish is to open people’s eyes to the largely unnoticed beauty in everyday life.

Everybody can see and get to know talented artist Pavel Mitkov’s paintings that are currently on display. The exhibition is open every day, within the working hours, in the Town Hall.
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