Pavel Mitkov will paint the Seven Rila Lakes
Apr. 12, 2020

In Holy Week, creator Pavel Mitkov will paint the Seven Rila Lakes - The Spiritual Symbol of Bulgaria

During Holy Week, the creator Pavel Mitkov will paint the Spiritual Symbol of Bulgaria - the Seven Rila Lakes. Every single day, he will take us along the eco-trail from the lowest to the highest lake.

So he will recreate each of the lakes in each of the days in the next week:

Lower Lake on Monday, Ribnoye on Tuesday, Trefoil - Wednesday, Thursday - Gemini, Kidney on Friday, Saturday will be the Day of the Eye and Sunday - the Tear.

"This project is a spiritual way of purification and my own way of honoring the feast, the suffering of Jesus Christ, as well as presenting a kind of walk to the Rila Lakes, through art," Pavel Mitkov said of the idea.

All 7 canvases on which the lakes will be painted are 250/200 in size. People will be able to constantly monitor the process live on the site -

And every night live on the artist's Facebook page, he'll finish it and sign it in front of viewers.

The impulse to paint the lakes right on Holy Week this Easter is no accident. Now more than ever, we need purification, and the Rila Lakes have extraordinary power. Each of them corresponds to a particular chakra in the human body and is associated with a common global vibration.

As we experience the drawing of the lakes, we will also experience the Rila Mountain - one of the sacred and energetic places in Bulgaria - a place for raising thought, for reflection, for expression of love, for prayer.

What is the meaning of each of the lakes?

The first of the seven Rila Lakes is the Lower Lake. It hardens the soul of man, makes him patient, strong and righteous. It radiates energy that empowers not only Bulgarians but also every person on the planet to endure the trials, tribulations and sufferings.

The Second Lake - Fish is the Lake of Trials and is directly related to the Bulgarians and the reproduction of our people.

The Third Lake - The trefoil is the lake that bears the wisdom, seeing and awakening of consciousness.

The fourth lake is the Gemini and is connected to our so-called. the mental world and the lungs in the human body. Reflects the connection between the physical and the spiritual.

Fifth Lake Kidney is the Place of the Spirit. It balances things in life, looks like a big bean or kidney and is the largest in volume. The sacred dance - Paneurhythmy is played on the lawn next to it, as well as the Divine New Year, which according to the Master on August 19, is welcomed.

The eye, the sixth lake, is connected to the Heart, and so-called. human heart chakra. It hides cosmic information and it processes the energies of the heaviest energies.

Seventh Lake - The Tear (the Head), Master Peter Dunov calls the "Head of God" or the Place of Wisdom. It is connected with the head of a person in the human body and its 7th chakra. Its purpose is related to the construction of the human personality on earth.

So, every night from the 13th to the 19th you will be able to experience the creation of every single picture on Pavel Mitkov's Facebook page or to fully observe the process of creating the canvas from the artist's page: