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Art itself is an innovation that is constantly evolving and changing the world. From the deep roots of human history, it is visible, the creative forces in an inexplicable and indefinite way at some point make the individual or group of individuals do something different, something unusual about time and place, and thus something new appears. It is precisely this force that has made the primitive man paint with excitement on the cave walls. This power is now creating the technologies thanks to which we are sending Solar Probes to the Sun, exploring the cosmos.

When you open the unilingual dictionary and look for the word "Art," you will read the definition: " A human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author's imaginative, conceptual ideas".

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The Permanent Representation of the Republic of Bulgaria to the United Nations, the OSCE and other international organizations celebrated on March, 3  in Vienna Bulgaria’s National Day, representing an exhibition under the motto “Bulgaria - Harmony of Colours and Spirit” by the famous Bulgarian artist Pavel Mitkov. The celebration took place in the UN Building in Vienna.

Following the grand opening,  an official reception was held, attended by over one hundred and twenty guests part of the diplomatic, business and cultural milieu in Vienna, including representatives of the Bulgarian community and Bulgarians working for different international institutions in Austria.

On March, 3 this year,  Bulgaria celebrates the 141 anniversary of its Liberation from the five-century-long Ottoman rule.
In his welcoming speech, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Bulgaria, Ambassador Svetoslav Spassov shared “ March, 3 is the crown of the centuries-old efforts and the desire of the Bulgarians for freedom, but also the responsible beginning of the re-establishment of the Bulgarian statеhood”. Mr. Spassov also emphasized that on this special day, it is important to recall the lessons of the history and heritage of the Bulgarian national heroes, Democrats and independence fighters, who have left us the testament   - "a democratic society can only be built  by equality between nations  and full respect for political and civil rights ".

The exhibition of Pavel  Mitkov, which can be seen in the United Nations building in Vienna until March 12, 2019, includes canvases of Bulgarians in folk costumes, as well as Bulgarian landscapes, inspiring peace, good and harmony.