Innovations in art

Art itself is an innovation that is constantly evolving and changing the world. From the deep roots of human history, it is visible, the creative forces in an inexplicable and indefinite way at some point make the individual or group of individuals do something different, something unusual about time and place, and thus something new appears. It is precisely this force that has made the primitive man paint with excitement on the cave walls. This power is now creating the technologies thanks to which we are sending Solar Probes to the Sun, exploring the cosmos.

When you open the unilingual dictionary and look for the word "Art," you will read the definition: " A human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author's imaginative, conceptual ideas".

However, the reality is visible, invisible, familiar, unfamiliar, and constantly changing over time. Innovation in art is precisely the moment in which, from invisible and unfamiliar, reality becomes real. Therefore, we should pay special attention to innovations, like the tip of the pyramid without which it would never be a pyramid. Something like the blade of the spear, without which it would not work. I may even go further - as the spirit of the body without which it would be known only as a matter, but not as a human being.

I gave the latter as an example since I deeply believe that innovation in art is exactly the spirit that distinguishes life from dead art.

Recently, elite circles have created the feeling that preferred art which is being traded for millions is a banality. Skulls, skeletons, syringes, even used condoms exposed in the Art salons, are financially sponsored for one purpose, to raise up banality to a cult. Art is becoming commercial and pulls people away from their connection with God, with the Great Creator, and place them into the matrix of the consumer herd.

Of course, I do not condemn the appearance of every fact in our lives, but I pay attention to our own worldview. With technology advances, the capabilities of the individual are increasingly limited at the expense of well-developed systems of people, computers, and machines united in a structure. I would add as example that it is difficult for a person to make an Airbus A380 or a space station, but the individual's skills affect the whole system. In most cases, even this system is limited to the individual skills of an individual, to create and control the complete information and cohesion of the team.

As far as Innovations in Art are concerned, the courage of the leader is what could expand the knowledge and discover the new.

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