MASTERCLASS with Pavel Mitkov
14.02.2020 - 14.02.2020
19 p.m. - 22 p.m.
Bulgaria, 1000 Sofia, 7 Saborna Str.

Pavel Mitkov
More information: 0888 00 4444

MASTERCLASS with Pavel Mitkov

How can we develop skills that can make us more successful through drawing?
The famous Bulgarian artist Pavel Mitkov has launched MASTERCLASS, which will allow the participants in it to touch the true perception of art and drawing, as well as to master the secret techniques of painting in a short time.

Create your own true masterpiece in one hour with Pavel Mitkov.

Pavel Mitkov shared the purpose of organizing this course:

"Art does much more than we think. Not only does it delight our senses, but it can unlock our potential, transform energies and recharge, making us more successful in every direction of life. This is also my goal - by drawing together for a few weeks, to achieve a lot more within yourself, to increase your self-esteem, to have fun, to have fun, not to think about everyday nonsense, to develop the sense of colors, and they are light, and make you happier! ”
The masterclass will be held every Friday in the gallery of the artist on 7 Saborna Street in the capital, the first one to start on 01.11.2019.

Immersed in the spirit of creativity and the atmosphere of the gallery, participants will be able to paint one painting in each of the days, with the help of the artist Pavel Mitkov, who will personally guide them in this experience.

The group is made up of only 5 people, to allow individual work with the artist.

The course includes:
  1. Materials: 1 canvas stretched canvas, size 60/50 cm with outer frame for it, box type
  2. Oil set
  3. Set of brushes, drawing spatula
  4. Gold foil
  5. Set of solvents, thinners, connecting elements.
  6. Gold, silver and diamond dust set
  7. The palette
  8. Drawing stand
  9. Apron and gloves
  10. Framing
The artist Pavel Mitkov has also prepared a number of surprises during these creative nights - good music, fine wine, talks about life and art with him and a celebrity from the creative circles, pop music, theater or cinema.

Each participant will receive a printed catalog with instructions, a digital medium with recorded video lessons, as well as a certificate of completion of the course.

In the end, each participant leaves with many emotions, experiences and a masterpiece created by himself, with which he can rejoice loved ones and acquaintances and multiply the happiness, which in turn is the main purpose of the MASTERCLASS MITKOV.

Pavel Mitkov
More information: 0888 00 4444