The New Education

The Future of Education

At the beginning of 2020, the world was facing an urgent restructuring. We started working more from home, classes were conducted via phones, computers and tablets, the Internet became a necessity even where it was not.
Pavel Mitkov

Art and medicine

I often ask myself this question observing how the Corona Virus changes the world. We ran a very successful "Draw Against the Virus" campaign that opened the door to a new dimension in my ideas about the effects of art on human health, mood, and lifestyle.
The best Investment in ART is the ART you like

The best Investment in ART is the ART you like

We live in a time of constant change. Most attempts to predict situations and secure certain models have been unsuccessful. This is because we live in modern times and old tools and methods no longer work. As if you were trying to mechanically insert a video tape into your smartphone.
Saint John's Eve

More than 7,000 paintings were drawn during the campaign “Draw Against the Virus”

The free online lessons of the artist Pavel Mitkov reached over 200,000 views.
Bulgarian artist Pavel Mitkov was quarantined in his home for 14 days and launched an online campaign "Draw Against the Virus – Let’s allay the Virus!". Every day, the artist gave live lessons on his Facebook page to anyone who wanted to touch the world of art. Mitkov showed innovative drawing techniques, including emblematic roosters’ paintings, water lilies and others. Over 7,000 people draw their own painting, and over 200,000 watched the lessons.
"My goal was to bring joy and good emotions in this difficult time for all of us and the fear to be overcome by art, by the beauty in human communication through drawing. Our society needs more positive news and emotions. ", says Pavel Mitkov.
The artist plans to continue his online Master classes and will soon be releasing an art product – System 5, which includes video tutorials with 5 instruments and 3 movements with them.

Pavel Mitkov: The color of Love is light

Pavel Mitkov: The color of Love is light

Love can be felt in any of Pavel Mitkov's paintings, since it is embedded in their creation. In the paintings of the artist we find love in the form of a couple, who is together and always goes his own way.
The bridge between the sense

The bridge between the senses is a kind of bridge between the souls

The project "The Bridge between the Senses" and the idea for it was born after the exhibition of Pavel Mitkov, in which he shows 13 paintings created without the participation of sight. The art has become a bridge between the participants - sighted, blind and hearing impaired to show that there are no boundaries.

MASTERCLASS with Pavel Mitkov.

The famous Bulgarian artist Pavel Mitkov has launched MASTERCLASS, which will allow the participants in it to touch the true perception of art and drawing, as well as to master the secret techniques of painting in a short time.
Pavel Mitkov

Pavel Mitkov's Autumn Paintings - Inspiration from the Light

"It's so warm, sweet and beautiful
like a strong, hot, cheerful love.
Yes, autumn is out, but my heart is racing
with delicate, warm autumn flowers.
Yes, guess my friend love is as strong as the golden season. "

The golden autumn carries a special charge and inspiration for the artist Pavel Mitkov, who skillfully blends the autumn colors in his paintings. Golden leaves, ocher, the smell of the past summer, wet streets, people with umbrellas - these are just a small part of the autumn scenes in his autumn paintings.

Pavel Mitkov shares his sense of autumn:

The feeling of autumn is a bygone period and a new beginning. I love fall very much and this is the time when it is not very cold and school has started. It reminds me of my childhood when it started to get dark earlier and we rejoiced because we were already going to go darker than the big ones.

Autumn brings a great inspiration to the artist, for which he says:
I just take the inspiration of autumn and collect it in myself. At one point, when I pull out the right sail, it pours over it.
The artist's autumn paintings do not carry nostalgia, by contrast. They are rich in colors - the yellow-orange range, the reds, the bright colors and carry the aroma of smoke from fire and leaves. All this is reflected in the paintings with autumn scenes by the artist Pavel Mitkov.

Rain and wet streets are a trademark of the artist, in which he displays his unique technique.

Pavel Mitkov about his sense of autumn:

It is as if trees and flowers collect all summer light and for some time in the fall they emit this light and shine on their own. They really shine and we should capture and store this light for the cold winter days. In this regard, autumn is not sad for me, but wise. It's a nostalgia for the coming summer, but in fact every season is the end and the beginning.

Welcome to the Mitkov Gallery, 7 Saborna Street (next to the Presidency) to touch the fall in Pavel Mitkov's paintings.