Pavel Mitkov: The color of Love is light
Feb. 14, 2020

Pavel Mitkov: The color of Love is light

Love can be felt in any of Pavel Mitkov's paintings, since it is embedded in their creation.

In the paintings of the artist we find love in the form of a couple, who is together and always goes his own way.

Nature and Love for her is another inseparable part in the paintings of Pavel Mitkov and that's where we see the Creator and his manifestation in everything around us.


"When we say the word love, we usually understand a couple between a man and a woman, but love is actually a broad concept and these relationships are only part of its projection. In its fullness, it is the great, perfect, great Love between man and God, between man and Nature, between all aspects of life.
Where there is life and living matter, it is the appearance of Love, of Light. Light is also part of love. The greatest thing in our world is Love. ", Says Pavel Mitkov

The color of Love is Light, which is the basis of all colors, which is why all paintings by Pavel Mitkov emit their own special light, as if woven into the canvas.

"When we look at an object, we do not see it but see the reflected light in it. This is how we perceive reality and the world around us, materially. Today, Love should manifest more in our world, and it seems to be absent. This is precisely what I am trying to provoke, the manifestation of Love in its highest form - to be of service to the community, to show compassion, mercy, kindness .. "

In the month of Love, she will have a special emphasis on Mitkov Gallery on 7 Saborna Street in Sofia. And on Valentine's Day, you can also take part in the special Masterclass for couples, which you can find here

interview with Pavel Mitkov before the journalist Tanya Borisova