Pope Francis receives an Artwork by Pavel Mitkov
May 25, 2018

Pope Francis receives an Artwork by Pavel Mitkov

On the 25th of May 2018, during the official visit of the Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov to the Vatican, Pavel Mitkov's painting was given as a gift to Pope Francis by the Bulgarian side.

The Artwork depicts the patron of Bulgaria, Ivan Rilski.

A few interesting facts about the art work itself:
Its size is 39 × 49 cm.
The medium used is golden dust and oil paint on canvas. The rocks around the cave resemble the faces of deities. Above the cave lay a cross and a pigeon symbolizing the Holy Spirit and in the foreground a figure of the saint himself has been portrayed.  
This is the fourth painting by Pavel Mitkov, which goes to the Vatican. The previous ones were given to Pope John Paul II -  
"The Bachkovo Monastery" and Pope Benedict 16 - "Cyril and Methodius", and Icon of Saints Vincent and Anastasius.