Sea breeze

The Sea Breeze scarf will bring the sea to you. It will act magnetically with the effect of blue, which brings calm. This is the color of intelligence. It affects our mental state. Saturated blue stimulates thought and soft blue stimulates peace of mind and concentration. Positive influence: confidence, calmness, intelligence, communication, reflection.

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Scarf Green Etude
The Green Etude Scarf will captivate you with the warmth and serenity that surrounds you. Green is the color of well-being. What's better than being with him all day long.
The Fire Passion scarf
The Fire Passion scarf
The Fire Passion scarf will power you up a lot as you wear it. Red is the color of fire and blood
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Scarf Yellow Ocher will immerse you in a world of emotion.Yellow is the color of the sun.
Шал Ефир
Scarf Ether
Scarf Ether will put you in another dimension of perception. Violet is the color of spirituality
Scarf Explosion
Scarf Explosion will melt you with colors. With it you will leave a bright imprint on your clothing