Sofia Airport art gallery Mitkov
Dec. 09, 2019

New Art gallery Mitkov opened at Sofia Airport

New "Art gallery Mitkov" opened at Sofia Airport just opened at the Departures hall of Sofia Airport. Pavel Mitkov, the initiator of the idea, said that this is another innovation that he got inspired for on a recent trip.


I have noticed, as I travel a lot, that a person at the airport has enough time that he wants to use differently from what the security zones or the shops have to offer. Apart from the internet and the standard shopping options, restaurants where one can drink coffee, there are no other alternatives.
I'm glad we're also giving people another option - an art salon - a gallery where the time at the airport can now be used better.

The space is cozy, you sink into the atmosphere of paintings, sculptures, souvenirs. The friendly staff welcomes you with a nice coffee or tea as soon as you cross the doorstep. They are ready to talk to about art and innovation, and Mitkov's modern approach of Bulgarian motives in his artworks. Full documentation of certificates from the Bulgarian National Gallery of Art, government bodies and packagings for hand luggage are available for those who decide to leave with a gift. 

The gallery team has selected a collection of paintings that gives a boost to each trip. The latest collection of Mitkov Gallery with print scarves, magnets and calendars for 2020 is also on display.

"I want to empower people, not only to buy an art gift, but also to touch their artsy side with the innovative methods that I apply in drawing. So I hope to ignite everyone's charge and unlock his talent through my art in any area of ​​life,” said creator Pavel Mitkov, founder of the gallery.