System 5
May 04, 2020

System 5 unlocks your talent with 5 tools and 3 moves

Creator Pavel Mitkov has successfully launched his new project - System 5.

This is the first training system for drawing lovers - including canvases, materials, video instructions for drawing 5 paintings.


"The idea was born before the quarantines. It was a product prepared for Germany, but I decided to launch it in our country, because there is a lot of interest and after the first online masterclasses it became clear that the desire for drawing in people was great. So I decided to organize this first-ever System 5, which would allow everyone to unlock their talents, precisely through drawing. The idea here is not just to paint, but to meditate, by drawing and subconsciously open the door to those of our foundations that are waiting for us and they just need a strong impulse. ” - Pavel Mitkov says of the project.

System 5 is a video tutorial with instructions on how to draw 5 pictures. This happens under the guidance of Pavel Mitkov himself, easily and understandably shown with 5 instruments and three movements. You receive Flash Video Tutorials in 4K resolution, you can watch them on the big screen. There are also separate videos for training the movements themselves with the various instruments.
The video tutorials include a suitcase with a full set of paints, brushes, putties, a painting tripod, 5 canvases with a size of 60 x 50 cm, a palette, turpentine, a book with written instructions and a MITKOV MASTERCLASS apron.

Pavel Mitkov also shares:

"It took me 25 years of experimentation and thousands of paintings to get to this system. It is the shortest way to efficiency and effectiveness! Early adopters have already purchased System 5 and the reviews are more than positive. The emotion you get is guaranteed. ”

To order, call +359888004444