The best Investment in ART is the ART you like
May 12, 2020

The best Investment in ART is the ART you like


We live in a time of constant change. Most attempts to predict situations and secure certain models have been unsuccessful. This is because we live in modern times and old tools and methods no longer work. As if you were trying to mechanically insert a video tape into your smartphone.

Each of us is constantly faced with the choice of either swimming freely in the ocean of information (wherever possible) or holding onto one of the Titanic's beautifully shaped masts to the end. Of course I use this metaphor, because if I remember the frame story of the film, those who survived were divided into two categories: Those who were just lucky and those who called for it by not stopping to fight and seek salvation.
We are also witnesses of how a little invisible virus-shaped enemy has changed the world economy, the world at all. This may be one of the last signs of a new configuration of the criteria.

As far as the art market is concerned, it is also experiencing a crisis of its own that is more ideological than financial. Nobody answered the question: "What is art and what is not?" I am deeply convinced that no one will be able to give a universal answer to this question, as it is individual for everyone.

However, several auction houses have taken over most of the market and set or rather enforced rules. Just like in football, it is not aesthetic values ​​and deep messages today, but money, PRs and advertising that give the goods value or not. Something I am deeply convinced that it will change and will no longer exist as it existed since the world is no longer the same after the advent of Google, Facebook and the Internet and everyone is given the opportunity to to have your own media in your pocket. From now on we live in a symbiosis of what we approve (like) and what we share (share). This is the main molecule that describes the interaction between the individual and the social environment and vice versa. People who draw public attention, do not have to be recognized by guilds, critics and authorities. The social mechanism is strictly regulated to which group it belongs, and thus the chaff is separated from the wheat. As I have already heard, these two words “like” and “share” will also be the right taxes if we understand them correctly!!! And the right understanding is to stand in front of the artwork and tell yourself whether you like it and whether you want to share it.

If so, it is the best investment for you! If you track and view statistics or get misled by other people's opinions, your money will go directly to them!
Nobody else than your own aesthetic perception knows better what is good for you!!!

So dear INVESTORS, invest in yourself, otherwise you will invest elsewhere!

Pavel Mitkov