Draw Against the Virus
Mar 25, 2020

The Campaign “Draw Against the Virus” is gaining more and more followers

“Draw Against the Virus - Let's allay the Virus!” - with this motto, the artist Pavel Mitkov launched his campaign a week ago on his Facebook page.

While in 14 days quarantine, he gave people the opportunity to paint with him online at 8.30 PM every evening, thus the artist aims for the fear to retreat and, in its place, to bring beauty and positive emotions into people's hearts and souls.

In just one week, the online lessons have 120,000 views and between 500 and 700 people participate in each of them.
Pavel Mitkov told how lessons influence people and what they share about the emotion of drawing with him:

I am even more convinced that drawing can allay the fear after a week of the online tutorials under the motto

"Draw Against the Virus". People are also inspired by an emotionally uplifting mood. I have received hundreds of paintings and works created at home. I try to comment and respond to everyone by giving them guidance. I get thousands of thanks for rationalizing the time, which is actually the goal of the campaign - to make sense and significance of the time. We will continue to paint this week as well.

Online tutorials begin at 8.30 PM every day, and you can learn more about the campaign and how to get involved here