The New Education
July 21, 2020

The Future of Education

At the beginning of 2020, the world was facing an urgent restructuring. We started working more from home, classes were conducted via phones, computers and tablets, the Internet became a necessity even where it was not. I like the saying that "Everything happens for a reason" and in this article I will list seven benefits of the new forms of education, which, although shrouded in ambiguity, comes to give more to the individual. Some may argue about the mast of the sinking ship, but I chose to look at things from their good side.
1. Everything will become more and more digital
Realistically, this is a great opportunity to use the vast amount of information no matter where you are at the moment, to socialize and communicate with people from around the world at a time when you can and want. Until recently the freedom of the individual was limited by physical, geographical and energy opportunities, now everyone can learn and gain knowledge from a distance.
2. Opportunity to choose
The very fact that education is becoming more online allows you to choose between more schools, academies and educational initiatives. 
3. The distance educates the Individuality!

We may think that the character is built in battles and struggles, but not the creative side. I am convinced that no one can spoil your online mood as much as in real life. I remember how in school the impudent always suppressed the meek with monkey habits and physical domination. Now we have the opportunity to limit these malicious qualities in people and to tolerate the individuality of everyone as it is. Although we face the negatives of fake information and the presentation of the desired reality as real life, the trends on the Internet, in social networks and in general in the online space is limiting these things. 

4. Save time!
Our life is limited in time and increasing our productive time, we improve the quality of our life.
Instead of years of learning something that is useful to you now, you can do the same in a significantly shorter time period. 
5. Greater flexibility!
We should acknowledge people as individuals with different opportunities, potentials and interests. In addition, everything changes in a dynamic world and dynamic time. The new education will give this flexibility to benefit modern man by creating higher efficiency.
6. Health and better connection with nature.
So far we have studied in class and lived in the breaks. It is clear to all of us that when the bell rang for a break or the end of the school day, there was universal joy. Many of us can say that we have learned in between classes not less than in class.
Of course, this has its positives, but in the future we could use a walk in the nature as a lesson. To control the physical gathering of people, to quickly reorganize it and in the end to make everything more interesting, fun and most of all safe. 
7. To feel part of the world
Social, racial and gender divides are becoming increasingly insignificant in the global space and this gives everyone the advantage and right to feel part of this world with the individuality they have.
Of course, the risks of speculation, alteration and attempts to tarnish these opportunities will exist. But the Internet already has the role of a global, real time referendum that shows where humanity is compared to the inherent virtues.
I am optimistic for the future of education