The Seven Rila Lakes
Apr. 27, 2020

The Seven Rila Lakes Collection will become a permanent exhibition

Pavel Mitkov presented his project The Seven Rila Lakes - the Spiritual Symbol of Bulgaria in his gallery in the capital, 7 Saborna Street.

The seven lakes were drawn during Holy Week's Holy Week. For 1 week, the artist painted all 7 lakes in the full post.

The project absorbed a lot of energy and materials - over 500 tubes of paint, gold, silver as a slag metal, but it also inspired many people, making their holiday even more exciting and spiritual.

Pavel Mitkov shared about the drawing process:

As I was painting the lakes, I felt like some of the paintings was literally draining all my energy, but then it seemed to come back from somewhere refined and even stronger. The hardest lake to paint for me was the Trefoil, and the most inspiring was Gemini.

The artist keeps the collection of paintings for himself, but in the future he is considering organizing a permanent exhibition of these paintings because he thinks that together they have a much stronger impact than individually.